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WK Legend Series M3 - Motorhead

WK Legend Series M3 - Motorhead

Made in USA
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We are pleased to announce the Whiteknuckler Brand "Legends Series"!

The headliner for this new series is Motorhead, and we couldn't be prouder to produce goods in collaboration with this legendary band! Most of our team came up listening to the music of this influential, and now, iconic band, and the headbanging teenage versions of ourselves would be in disbelief!

Being that we are more leather and rock and roll than most cutlery companies, we think it's a perfect fit!

All M3 models can be mounted either vertically or horizontally

Our patent-pending mounting system allows traditional and cross-draw, but you can get creative with our traditional; there are probably a half dozen ways you could rig it up on your belt.

Most people who do scout carry, attach it to their belt in the small of their back or the front on the side position, slightly to the left at 6 o'clock or 11 o'clock. No matter how you do it, the key is to ensure the handle points toward your dominant hand.


  • Brass lanyard hole
  • Black Nitride finish
  • Vertical & Scout / Horizontal capable out of the box

The Leather:

  • Constructed with 10 oz. domestic leather
  • Premium natural veg tanning
  • Patent-pending sheath design

Steel Details:

  • Small batch American D2 high-carbon steel custom, manufactured specifically for Whiteknuckler Brand
  • Overall length is 7.5 inches with 3.5 inches of sharp surface or a bit less than the width of most men's hands (please see photos for scale)

* Horizontal Carry Capable makes this model popular with motorcyclists, truckers, and equipment operators, this position is out of the way but also easily accessible in the seated position.

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