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Redliner Series Chef & HDPP Board Set

Redliner Series Chef & HDPP Board Set

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This set includes our C11 Redliner series Chef and a beautiful professional-grade HDPP (high-density polypropylene) board!

This one's for hard-working men and women who are looking for true quality — not a mass-produced faux forged knife or something made overseas with cheap materials.

It has long been a dream of our team to build a high-quality, made in USA culinary knife. Proudly made in the United States with space-age-grade 154CM high carbon stainless steel that is milled for Whiteknuckler Brand, this chopper will be at home in your kitchen, camp set, or at work on the line. A worker is only as good as their tools, and whether you’re cooking at home or redlining it in a busy restaurant, this 100% made in the USA workhorse will be the one you reach for over and over again.

With a beautiful look and feel, everyone will know this is your knife! Measuring 11 inches tip to tail with 7 inches of sharp surface, it’s the right size for a fast-paced home kitchen or restaurant environment!

Special Features:

  • Hand-poured acrylic or rosewood handle material
  • Hand finished scales
  • Stonewash & satin finish

The Board:

  • 18 x 12 x ½  — the perfect size
  • Long-lasting high-density polypropylene 
  • Easy to clean 

Steel Details:

  • Small batch American 154CM high carbon steel custom manufactured specifically for Whiteknuckler Brand
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