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Classic M3 - Horizontal Scout Carry ***Adaptor only

Classic M3 - Horizontal Scout Carry ***Adaptor only

Made in USA
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Now you can add scout (horizontal) carry to all of our Model 3 drop point knives! This option also allows cross-draw, but you can get creative with our traditional mounting system; there are probably a half dozen ways you could rig it up on your belt.

Most people who do scout carry, attach it to their belt in the small of their back or the front on the side position, slightly to the left at 6 o'clock or 11 o'clock. No matter how you do, the key is to ensure the handle points toward your dominant hand.

* For left-handed use, the snaps face up

* Popular with truckers and equipment operators, this position is out of the way when you sit, and you can easily access it as if you were standing.

* Scout / Horizontal is a firearm friendly carry position

* Knife & belt in photos for reference only, not included with purchase

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