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Leather - Deluxe Care Kit

Leather - Deluxe Care Kit

Made in USA
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Keep your WK Brand leather items in pristine condition with our Deluxe Leather Care Kit.

This kit contains:

2 oz. WK Leather Cleaner
A specially formulated, non-greasy leather cleaner. We recommend this to be your first step in the care of your leather item. To use, simply dampen the sponge with cleaner, wring out any excess, and apply in circular strokes over the entire surface of your item. Finish with the WK Microfiber cloth to remove any remaining cleaner. This will prepare your item for the application of our Nourishing Oil, Stitch Guard, or Leather Balm.

2 oz. WK Nourishing Oil
In the event that your leather item becomes dried out, clean with WK Leather Cleaner as instructed then liberally apply nourishing oil over the entire surface of your item with the sponge. Allow 10 minutes for the oil to penetrate the leather then remove any excess. Regular use (2-3 times per year) along with Stich Guard and WK Leather Balm will ensure long-lasting protection and extend the life of your leather item.

2 oz. Stitch Guard
For the maintenance and sealing of the seams and stitches of your leather item. First clean with WK Leather Cleaner as instructed and allow 10-15 minutes to dry. Apply Stitch Guard using the supplied dauber in long even strokes over all seams and stitches, re-dipping in Stitch Guard solution as needed. Allow 10-15 minutes for the Stitch Guard to fully dry and finish with a buff of the entire surface with the WK Leather Balm to seal and protect your item

4 oz. WK Leather Balm
The WK Leather Balm is specially formulated for natural leather products providing nourishing care with a protective effect. Made from natural ingredients such as avocado oil, lanolin, and beeswax, this unique formulation improves the durability and lifespan of your leather item. It provides a moisture-repellent effect, brilliant shine, and a non-chemical natural scent from its natural ingredients. To use, apply a small amount to WK Micro-Fiber cloth and buff the entire surface to seal and protect your item.


  • 2 x Daubers for Stitch Guard application
  • 2 x Applicator Sponges
  • 2 x Large 16 x 16-inch WK Micro-Fiber, zero lint polishing cloths
  • 4 oz tin of Leather Blam
  • 2 oz Stitch Gaurd
  • 2 oz Leather Cleaner
  • 2 oz Nourishing Oil

Warning: Not for use on suede leathers. Keep out of reach of children. May cause eye irritation, do not ingest or use for any other purpose than leather care.

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