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Dealer - Dazzling Dozen

Dealer - Dazzling Dozen

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This is one of the best values we offer dealers. When you order a "Dazzling Dozen" you will get 12 unique non-production knives. Each one is made one by one in our custom department right here in the USA by our small team.

These models get extra attention and a parade of interesting and ever changing hand selected materials (No 2 are a like). Your customers will love that they are getting something unique and only available at your retail store. As a bonus the come with 12 matching leather key hangers free they are $22.95 each on the site you can perk you customer with them or sell them.

For the dealer these models are easier to sell because they are one offs and always changing, and so is your unique inventory!

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You can call us a 800 815 7010 with questions!

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