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Culinary - Chef Knife - Rosewood & Marbled Blade

Culinary - Chef Knife - Rosewood & Marbled Blade

Made in USA
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Just dropped 4 of these on the site for Mother's Day! 

Custom Special Order C11 Chef knife featuring Rosewood handles, a marbled blade, and brass liners. 

You will notice some blues and purples and whites in the veins. The effect is created by first torching the stainless, then etching the marble pattern, then clean, polish, and hand rub for a unique effect. This technique also serves a purpose...  food like cucumbers don't stick to the blade and fall off. 

It had long been a dream of our team to build a high-quality, made in USA culinary knife.  Proudly made in the United States with space-age-grade 154CM high carbon stainless steel that is milled for Whiteknuckler Brand, this chopper will be at home in your kitchen, camp set, or at work on the line. A worker is only as good as their tools, and whether you’re cooking at home or redlining it in a busy restaurant, this 100% made in the USA workhorse will be the one you reach for over and over again. 

With a beautiful look and feel, everyone will know this is your knife!  Measuring 11 inches tip to tail with 7 inches of sharp surface, it’s the right size for a fast-paced home kitchen or restaurant environment!

Special Features:

  • Hand-poured acrylic handle material
  • Brass liners
  • Hand finished scales
  • Satin finish

Steel Details:

  • Small batch American 154CM high carbon steel custom manufactured specifically for Whiteknuckler Brand
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