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Redliner Series - 7" Chef Black Pearl

Redliner Series - 7" Chef Black Pearl

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It has long been a dream of our team to build a high-quality made in USA culinary knife that features all the classic styling cues our brand is known for. We chose Space Age Grade 154CM High Carbon Stainless Steel to make this bad boy.

This one's for hard-working men and women that want something real, not a mass-produced faux forged knife or worse something made with child labor in a distant land!

This chopper will be at home in your kitchen, camp set, or at work on the line. We know not every chef can afford a $1000 custom chef knife but we can get you something 100% made in the USA with a custom feel and real character. Whether it's in your home or you are a short-order cook redlining it in a busy restaurant everyone will know this is your knife!

We have some beautiful handle materials to choose from, check them out!

It measures 11 inches tip to tail and with 7 inches of sharp surface it's not a sword but just the right size for a fast-paced home kitchen, or restaurant environment!

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