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      Product Description

      Our latest innovation is a hybrid design based on a vacuum form of our classic 7 model. It's hand-burnished, assembled, and detailed with a classic eyelet construction and leather support. This provides a classic yet highly practical horizontal mounting design that's sure to be a favorite of campers and outdoorsmen of all kinds.

      Handles are constructed with our black Leatherwood resin. This versatile material looks cool with its cross-hatch design and is also known for its low moisture absorption and performance in both dry and humid conditions. It's complemented by our American D2 lock grip with Black Oxide finish. We keep raising the bar with materials and construction and this made in USA piece will not disappoint!


      Special Features:

      • Brass lanyard hole and scale pins.
      • Black Cerakote finish.
      • Thumb grip jimping on the spine.
      • Improved heat treat for better hardness and edge.


      The Carrier:

      • Hybrid construction with 10 oz. domestic leather.
      • Modern eyelet design
      • Horizontal mount
      • 1" Molle Spacing
      • Military-grade materials


      Steel Details:

      • Small batch American D2 high carbon steel custom manufactured specifically for Whiteknuckler Brand.
      • Military-grade, meeting or exceeding: UNS T30402, ASTM A-681, QQ-T-570, JAE J437, SAE J438.
      • Overall length is 7 inches with 3.5 inches of sharp surface or a bit less than the width of most men's hands (please see photos for scale).
      • Finger hole lockdown grip.

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