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      Greg Jeluso - No gimmicks here, just got mine. It's the real deal it is badass

      Jeff O'Brien - Dear Whiteknuckler Brand, I received my WhiteKnuckler knife Saturday. I took all day Sunday and took it through my "acid test". You guys do great work! This blade is now my EDC knife. And your customer service and communication was amazing! I wish every company I deal with online were as good as you guys! Thank you and keep up the great work!

      Chuck Jordan - I just received my "Back & Tan" it, excellent workmanship, nice weight, beautiful! Thank you!

      Rick Munoz - Awesome knives. And I love the products and customer service is top notch. I had an issue with my knife. I posted a comment about the problem and I received a phone call within a few days. the issue was resolved. Highly recommend this. product. Once again customer service was amazing.

      Richmond Neese - Just received my chestnut 7"-cc. Great knife, looks good. I'LL be carrying this one for a while. Much more than what I was expecting.

      Richard Smiley Wade Musser - Absolutely Awesomeness. . Got both myself and my Father one ... My Father has been looking for a Lefthanded sheath ... I do believe that Whiteknuckler will be on our side everyday from here on out!! Thanks

      Bobbie Ferguson - Outstanding customer service! ! I just called & told him ur response & all is great! Thanks. Hope to find you on Facebook so I can leave some kind words there too!

      Bobbie Boren Ferguson - I got my husbands knife in today & he loves it! I thought it was missing something that made it swivel, emailed customer service after they were closed & got a reply within 5-10 minutes! Top notch customer service!

      Rev. R Scott Fraser - Revived mine today. Generally I would consider five inch to be blade length, not overall length...hence the new seven inch. I really don't need more crap on my belt (leatherman, cell phone, trucker wallet, flashlight), so I'm actually pleased with its diminutive stature. The quality looks to be present, but the edge will need some honing (could've done a bit better there. Nothing I can't fix). I use a knife a LOT in my job, and fishing out the leatherman and sourcing its blade is sometimes inconvenient...this will make a nice quick response tool that I expect to serve for many years and be of heirloom quality. Without having put it to task yet, I am pleased with my purchase. The box and pouch were unnecessary, but who doesn’t need another catch-all? All-n-all, thumbs up. Thank you. Anyone looking to skin and dress a hog in the field might go for the larger model.

      Greg Bergman - I have a tan one...i now want a black one.(5"only) best and coolest knife ive ever owned!...words cant express how much i dig this knife!...

      John Walter - I wear my 5" daily. Get tons of compliments of the quality American craftsmanship. Going to order a 7" for sure. Thanks for making some kick ass American made products!

      JessicaLee SelenaMya Malinchak - I got my man one in tan for Christmas;) was the best gift ever.. Wives, this is a gift your husbands will love.. Now I want one in black for myself;) lol

      Donnie Massey - I got one of these for a Christmas present and by far the best side knife i have ever owned comfortable low profile design can't even tell its on my side in my truck or on my bike. Very well made heavy duty blade awesome knife overall

      Jordan DeGoey - Thank you so much for your timely customer service. I received the new knife in the mail today. I would just like to let you know how wonderful the experience has been. Not many companies out there are so concerned with customer satisfaction to do what you have done for me. I will definitely be recommending this company to everyone I know based not only on the superb craftsmanship and quality of the product but also on the over the top customer service. Thanks again

      Tony K Carter - To whom it may concern: I don't have a question nor do I have a complaint. I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with my knife. I bought the 5 inch and I am so pleased that I plan on ordering the 7 inch in the near future. Thank you for a wonderful product. I look forward to seeing new things you guys put out. Have a wonderful day. Happy customer, Tony

      Federico Padron - I love my Whiteknuckler dark side edition 5 inch it's the perfect size with the horizontal carry I forget it's thete most of the time

      Aaron J Bigge - Cant say how much i like this Knife. Great Quality.

      Raymond Semanisin - I bought two of the 5" a few months back and just bought two of the awesome 7" love them thanks!

      Troy Walker - Your products get a A+ from my point of view , great gear to choose from and I know that people will like your products as soon as they see and own it....

      David Thornton - Just got one of the 7" for me and a 5" for the wife. Awesome product.

      Chris Larson - Their quality is excellent! I have one of their custom engraved knives and love it. I see a new 7 inch coming soon.

      John McCauley - Just received my new white-knuckler 7 inch knife speechless

      Edwin Carpenter - Like the Products Keep up the good Workmanship !

      Robert Love - Quality American Made products with EXCELLENT customer service!!!! Highly recommended.

      Jeremy Laird - Came in the mail today very well made quality product

      Brennen Shafer - Got mine in today! I bought the 5 inch with the awesome deal, and love the thing. Definitely dainty for a hip knife, but very comfy and sturdy!!! Think i might pick up the 7 inch.... GREAT products!!

      Matt Stalcup - I just can't say enough about Whiteknuckler brand knives and the lengths they will go to to make their customers happy. Talk about going well well above and beyond., their customer service just contacted me because I had a small issue with my purchase and I can't begin to tell you how impressed I am with this company. You just don't get the type of customer service you deserve from most places these days but this company has nailed it I'm so impressed it's unbelievable. Don't Think Twice if you're considering ordering a unit from these guys do it today, you won't regret it

      TheTerry James - If you don't have one, what're you waiting for? Single best knife iv ever owned! I have the tan sheath and light bone handle. I want this black sheath think I may just buy another knife to go with it. Great craftsmanship I get compliments on the knife everywhere I go.

      Jared Williams - Just want to stop by and say Thank yall for the Awsome knife. The quality of yall's product is unbelievable. Love the made in the USA on the back. I will always have a Whiteknuckler on my side!

      Rodger Monica Davis - Great knife and box set and ever the best customer service i have ever had ordering any product quality is top notch if you get one and your not satisfied let me know and I will buy it from you satisfied customer you bet

      John Rocco - I got mine in the mail yesterday Classic Tan 3 in1 sheath this knife is is badass, all I had to do was touch up the blade a little bit and run it on the strop, but that's not a knock on them, it came sharp I'm just a complete knife nut and have to have everything sharp as a straight razor definitely worth the money

      Russell Fell - Got mine for Christmas . Awesome craftsmanship. Carry it every day.

      LaCosa Nostra - Ok so I’m a chick and I am buying one for myself. .. every girl needs a good knife too (: I love what y'all have going.... this is great for when I am in the woods and on the bike... I’m going to get one to hand down to my son too..

      Ben Fuller - I've never wore a knife. I got mine for Christmas and have worn it everyday since. Sideways you don't even know it's there. Straight isn't bad either.... Thanks fellas..

      Duke Lopez Hancock - One of the best knives I ever owned !!!-

      Troy T Mayo - Love my knife! Great customer care!

      Shawn Lucy - I love mine, it's become a part of me

      Kevin Alexander - Most excellent knife and quality beyond great!! I have three and can't wait to see what's coming next!!! It's gonna be a Whiteknuckler year for sure!!!

      Stephen Mannan - Got mine for Christmas Thanks to my wife. And thank you Whiteknuckler Brand for making such a great knife it has not left my side I use it every day and could not be happier with your craftsmanship.

      Dustin Davy - Great gear! My EDC and gets compliments all the time.

      Carl W Knop - I got the knife as a gift and love it. I carry it daily here on the ranch.

      Jim Ciafardo - I carry mine everywhere i go , And it feels good in my hand ! just in case if i ever have to use it .

      Tim Nutley - Bought on of these a couple weeks ago. Super nice knife super quality sheath.

      John Craig - I love mine and I have been riding scooters for over 40 years and this is the best wallet I've ever had.

      Steve Heiling - Got mine today its perfect!

      Chris Lansky Sr. - Only took 3 days to get it! Was surprised. F'n awesome knife! Love it. F'n love it! Left handed, cuz the gun is always on the right..... It's sweet!

      Dave Cole Sr. - I ordered two knives. I was on the fifth of this month. I receive them on the ninth. Quick service and a great product. They come in a great gift box in a really quality sheath. I definitely recommend these knives.

      Todd Jones - Truly impressed by your work. I will wear mine I leave this world.

      Scott Zucker - Have mine over a year and it's still holding up

      Jeffrey Cosenza - My girl gave me the black one for my birthday. ... i absolutely love this knife. It so comfortable you don't even know it's there. And hold an edge.... what.... love it.

      David Maria Dotson - Love mine knife keeps a good edge cuts threw everything.

      Jeff Mixon - These are incredible!! Great quality and price! And by far the best customer service!!

      John Potucek - HANDS DOWN the BEST QUALITY knife and sheath i have ever bought. 200% satisfied.

      Don Miller - I got my chestnut 3way convertible 4 days ago love good quality!!

      Rick Shaddix - I've got 2 of the. Love them

      Greg Smith - Got mine in today,very pleased with it thanks for making a great product.

      Chip Harvard -I just bought the 3 in 1 Black Out Edition and I've gotta say, I am very impressed ! The customer service was fantastic ! I placed the order on Monday morning and received the knife on Wednesday Morning by priority mail, and yes I had a tracking #. The blade is very sharp, it's a full tang, the sheath is a perfect fit for the blade, and can be carried or worn in a number of ways. It's A Great Buy And A Must Have For Anyone Who Carries A Knife!

      Michael - Just received my knife in the mail. Beautiful knife and great service, will be ordering again soon

      zim8043 - Thank you I just want to say your company is awesome your product is amazing and with a pain in the ass customer that I have been, you guys were no problem to deal with. Thank you

      Mark Taylor - I just received my order today I ordered three knives with the tan sheath and I wish I had ordered six the quality is awesome for the price. I am a happy customer thanks!

      Nicholas Becker - Bada$$ knifes, quality made and sturdy! Use mine every day…

      Seth T. EnYart - Just got mine last week. I love this knife! Totally fits my lifestyle.

      Robert Corbit - Way cool Well made and solid knives.. highly recommended!

      Pete Oliva - I just want to let everyone know what a stand up company this is and what high quality products they produce. I am very pleased with my WK knife and the service I received. Thanks again guys.

      Richard Clevenger - One of the best knives I own, used it to skin out a gator yesterday easy to sharpen and holds an edge, awesome American made product. Keep up the good work

      Thomas Escamilla - I love my little blade! Never go anywhere without it!

      Franc Vasi - I have the dark side knife, it is a work of art!

      Franc Vasi - I bought this knife and it is my daily carry! What a quality knife!!!! Worth every penny!

      Martin Roche - I love my darkside whiteknuckler! I wear it everyday.

      Michael Jones - Thanx guys....I got my black an horizontal carry an like it alot...they do come with natural marks an have nice character about them.

      Jesse Sherman - I bought one of the dark side editions when they first came out. It's a fantastic knife and I never leave home without it. The customer service and made in America quality makes it even better. This a great company, you won’t be disappointed

      Kent Pittman - Love mine. Got it for Father's Day. Don't leave the house without it.

      Shawn Burns - Bought mine for myself for my 40th bday. Get compliments all the time for it.

      Mac Martinez - Got mine for Father's Day, awesome little knife

      Brad Scott - Awesome deal... Finally bought one today with the horizontal sheath. Cool factor just went up a few rungs.

      Josh Vargo - Just got mine today, an I'm super happy with it, a very well made knife and sheath ,so don't wait

      Franc Vasi - I bought Two and am very pleased with the quality and craftsmanship! Second to none!

      Ronnie Betty Compton - I bought the Darkside Edition and really like it. It was a good purchase.

      Scott Zucker - I've had mine for about a year. Sweet knife. Buying one for the ol lady tonight

      Bruce A. Sanford - Love my tan one! My thirteen year old boy asked me why do you where that knife everywhere. Someday he'll understand.

      Ryan Anderson - Carry mine everyday great knife

      Ryan Anderson - No doubt keep it up y'all are killin it

      Pete Oliva - I just want to let everyone know what a stand up company this is and what high quality products they produce. I am very pleased with my WK knife and the service I received. Thanks again guys.

      Jesse Sherman - I will continue to comment on these posts to praise this company. Everyone needs one of these, I never leave home without mine. Great made in America craftsmanship.

      Leon Archambault - Mine just came in, absolutely beautiful

      Dean A. Mounsey - This is simply one of the best quality knives I own, "I LOVE IT"

      Al Reitz - Got one...haven't gone a day since before father's day when I received it with out carry...forget it's there unless I need it...then I it!!! You all need this!!!

      Jesse Wilhelm - Got mine today. Very fast shipping. Seems like a good little knife. Very compact.

      Gary Horn - My favorite. Wearing it now

      John Stancil - I like the fact you can wear it as crossdraw raw that can be very useful when riding a horse or if you need to get to it in a truck or four wheeler or side kick

      Wesley Mclain - Got mine..badass and fast too

      Colin O'Niones - Just got mine in the mail!!! Love it already!

      Jason Carr - Mine is on my hip every single day. Best carry knife I've ever owned.

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