Dealer Program


To apply now, click here. For questions about the dealer program, send an email to
* By clicking the above link you acknowledge the dealer requirements and agree to adhere to our dealer policy.


Dealer Requirements

In order to qualify for dealer status, you must complete the application process and adhere to the following requirements: after acceptance, your first order must be $1,000 and all subsequent orders placed must total a minimum of $500. You will be required to spend at least $1,000 annually to maintain dealer status. Whiteknuckler Brand reserves the right to revoke dealer status at any time for those not meeting minimum requirements.

  1. Must be a licensed business with a physical retail store front with business hours posted
  2. Must have glass display cases to display products
  3. Provide photos of the interior and exterior of the business
  4. Provide business website URL and social media 
  5. State reseller certificate and or EIN
  6. Commercial business address required (no residential addresses)
  7. Agree to the 3rd party reseller rules (listed below)
  8. Respect Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price (MAP)


Limited Segment Availability

We are currently seeking dealers in Trucking, Automotive, Hot Rot & Restoration, Motorcycle, Lifestyle Fashion, BMX & Skate Shops, Hunting & Fishing, and Extreme Sports.

We reserve the right to limit the number of dealers by territory and market segment.

After applying, Whiteknuckler Brand will review your information and be in touch to request the above mentioned information. Approved dealers will be able to view dealer pricing on our website using a dealer login. Please note that dealer pricing may not be available on all items.


Online Sales

We do allow dealers to sell our products on their own websites, but they must respect MSRP. It is prohibited for our dealers to sell our products on eBay, Amazon, or other online market places and we reserve the right to terminate any account that doesn't meet our requirements or infringes on our sales policies. Policies may be subject to change without prior notice.


Shipping & Inventory

Whiteknuckler Brand ships USPS Priority Mail or UPS, Monday through Friday. Dealer orders are charged list rates with no mark-up on shipping. We strive to ship in a timely fashion and most orders on items in stock ship within 7 business days.


Drop Shipping

All orders placed by Whiteknuckler Brand dealers will ship directly to the dealer’s physical address. No white-label or drop ship services are provided, implied, or permitted.



Dealers may make payments by credit card via website or phone at the time of purchase. We accept all major credit cards.


How to Apply

Click here to apply now or email with any questions about the program.

* By clicking the above link you acknowledge the dealer requirements and agree to adhere to our dealer policy.


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