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      We know in our modern world not everyone wants a big fat trucker wallet and increasingly people carry mostly cards. Enter the new Slimline gift set with our Slim "Front Pocket" wallet that will carry a dozen cards (when broken-in) and a bit of emergency cash.

      We have paired this with our classic key hanger and our 5" Convertible model in the color of your choice.


      Slim card/front pocket wallet is a compact, minimalist wallet designed to be sleek and slim and only hold what you need - a few cards and cash!

      Key Hanger:

      Ideal for truckers, riders, rodders, ranchers, and more.

      This is the workingman's solution to managing all those keys!

      5" WK Classic convertible model:

      The Convertible II is a unique 3-in-1 design by Whiteknuckler Brand that's perfect for long-haul truck drivers, hot rodders, and motorcyclists. It's a new take on the classic horizontal sheath that allows you to swap between traditional vertical, front horizontal, or cross pull options all with one product for a true 3-in-1 design. Perfect for people that spend long hours in the seated position in or on a vehicle!


      • Made with full-grain custom tanned Pennsylvania leather
      • The leather key hanger has a traditional claw keeper.
      • Each handle is unique, made of natural materials, and engraved with the signature WK initials.
      • Overall length is 5.75 inches with 2.75 inches of sharp surface or a bit less than the width of most men's hands (please see photos for scale)
      • Finger hole lockdown grip.
      • High carbon steel
      • Made in the USA