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      These are the kind of blankets your grandparents owned...

      Every truck needs an emergency blanket behind the seat! You'll spread it on the ground to watch summer fireworks, you'll share it in front of a fire on a cold winter night, or in the case of emergency wrap your family or a stranger in it. These blankets possess the charm and character that only traditionally produced goods can.

      For the leather harness we American sourced, top-grain leather tanned using natural tree bark liquors or vegetable tanning processes. This provides richness and texture as the leather is soaked in ground vats and then hand-worked for smooth, consistent results. These U.S. native steer hides are selected for just the right amounts of waxes, greases, and tallows that allow our products to age and develop the character that only real leather can.

      They don't make things like they used to... but we do!