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      They don't make things like they used to… but we do!

      So what do all these cars, trucks, bikes, and racing things have to do with a leather goods company?

      Truckers, riders, rodders, and ranchers know what a whiteknuckle experience is, and this is why we say that our line of leather goods and accessories is hot rod and horsepower inspired. Much of our inspiration comes from the design era when things were made differently and well, frankly, better. We can't reproduce the cars of the classic horsepower era but we can make things as they used to be for our line of leather goods and accessories!

      In our blog, you will find a collection of stories, articles, and themes that turn our crank so to speak, and tie into classic design language synonymous with our American-made goods!


      SCTA Bonneville Racing History

      SCTA Bonneville Racing History

      Imagine you’re standing on a glass-flat surface with wide-open desert as far as the eye can see. The barren, white landscape may make you feel like you’re on the moon, or the set of a futuristic movie, or having one heck of a dream. As you take in the scenery, a growling, screaming engine breaks the silence, roaring past you at hundreds of miles an hour. 

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