2022 Biltwell People's Champ Voting is Live!

2022 Biltwell People's Champ Voting is Live!

The team is pretty pumped on how the knives for @biltwell_peoples_champ came out. We have made knives for show participants before, but this is the first time we tried to theme them to match the bikes. We did our best to color match the handles and pair them with both our classic #madeinusa lock grip and drop point designs. They are complimented by Handmade sheaths and made from American D2 steel made specifically for #whiteknucklerbrand. We are proud to work with our friends @biltwell and it's an honor to do this for the builders. Definitely a nice addition to the growing list of heavy hitters we have done collabs with @sscycle @lowbrowcustoms @indianlarrymotorcycles @michaellichterphotography @mamatriedshow @claybourne_co Thanks to everyone that continues to support bringing back made in USA.

-Bear and the WK Team

Whiteknuckler Brand is proud to sponsor and create this year's usable trophies for the Biltwell People's Champ! If you are unfamiliar with Biltwell People’s Champ, we will catch you up. It’s pretty simple, builders from around world submit their builds for consideration for the competition. The crew at Biltwell narrows it down to their favorite 24 entries, from there it’s in the public's hands as to who continues on throughout the competition, hence the name "People’s Champ". Once the 24 entrants have been selected, they have roughly 2 months to work on their builds and provide updates via social media. The public will vote and narrow it down to 13 builders. Those 13 have a couple more months to bust out work on their build and then they’re on the chopping block again, the public vote to narrow it down to the Final 6. These final 6 builders MUST have running and riding bikes by April 24th, the Biltwell media team travels to each builder to shoot both video and photo of each build. If you’re bike doesn’t run when they get there, well… you’re out of the competition.

The big reveal of the final vote for the 6 builders happens at the world famous Cook’s Corner Friday June 24th. The morning of the People’s Champ part all the finalists meet out in Lake Elsinore, approximately 50 miles from Cook’s Corner. Each builder must ride their bike to the party, to ensure it’s not only a piece of art, but a fully functioning motorcycle. From there the party is started, toss in your vote for your favorite finalist, grab a cold one and roam the legendary Cook’s Corner. As the party continues on into the evening, one builder will be crowned as the 2022 Biltwell People’s Champ and walk away with $10,000! Voting is live online through 9PM Friday June 24th 2022 so make sure to follow the link and vote for your favorite builder!



James Booth
Victoria, Canada
1975 Shovelhead
Instagram: @kickstartkustoms

Greg Gagnon

Ottawa, Ontario
1964 Panhead
Instagram: @hkfgreg

Axel Mercier
Wilmington, North Carolina
1952 H-D Panhead
Instagram: @axel_mercier

Aaron Crow
San Diego, California
1967 H-D Shovelhead
Instagram: @ACrowCLMT 

Clay Krick
Hershey, Pennsylvania
1976 Honda CB750
Instagram: @white_trash_white_rice

Jonny Juarez (Not eligible for voting)
Healdsburg, California
1969 Harley Ironhead
Instagram: @skidrowjonny



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