10th Anniversary Editions & The Whiteknuckler Story

10th Anniversary Editions & The Whiteknuckler Story

It's hard to believe we are celebrating our 10th Anniversary this year. Looking at the brand today, we're both impressed and happy with where it's gotten to. Our team's drive to make traditional made-in-USA goods that evoke American style and function holds us true to our slogan:

"They don't make things like they used to... but we do!"

We thank you for your support over the years and hope you enjoy these special 10th anniversary models!

We have been quietly building an iconic brand of everyday carry items that are crafted the old-fashioned way with 100% US-sourced materials. That’s not easy to do these days. On our 10th anniversary, we invite you to learn more about the brand and our mission with some words from our founder, Bear Haughton.

What’s WK’s origin story?
This is what our founder, Bear, had to say when recently interviewed by Parts & Labor magazine: "I’ve always been fascinated by blacksmithing and making knives. In 2011, I started dabbling in traditional blacksmithing and making rail spike knives. When a friend died in a motorcycle crash, I made some rail spike knives to raise money for his widow and kids and I was amazed at how well they sold. I made some for other motorcycle friends, and enjoyed learning about other methods for making knives. I started buying tools at country fairs and quickly realized that with social media, I was creating more demand than I could keep up with.

Within a year of making my first knife, I decided to build an American-made brand and I quickly diverged from the path of making a name for myself as a maker to focus on design & manufacturing processes, building a team and a BRAND of made in USA goods!"

It takes a lot of work to make things in the USA and eliminate foreign content. Many companies that claim to be “Made in the USA” are actually hiding behind a law that says if 61% of manufacturing costs and materials are stateside, then you can call it made in the USA... I was never happy with that. Over the years, we’ve systematically removed all foreign content, right down to the scale rivets. I’m proud to say our knives are 100% made in the USA with American steel. We can confidently say that because we buy our D2 — and new 154CM — steel directly from the mill, we know exactly where every pound of it comes from. 


Our mission:
Making goods that are built to last a lifetime while building a brand and creating not only jobs, but a team of people who believe in the project. We like to say, “Making things in America isn’t easy, but it’s worth it!” Whiteknuckler Brand is focused on traditional and classically styled American-made goods for truckers, hot rodders, outdoors people, motorcyclists, climbers, and adventuring souls.

They don’t make things like they used to.... but we do!

What else do we make?:
We have a wide range of products. I’d say we’re also known for our super-durable belts and some of our lesser-known products like the Vagabond hats, wool ponchos, purses, and wallets. Everything is built with the kind of quality your grandparents would have enjoyed; not the disposable designed-to-fail junk we see nowadays.

Real Stuff!
Every one of our knives is made from real stuff: American steel that is custom ordered directly from the mill specifically for Whiteknuckler. Our wood, leather, wool, and hand poured custom acrylics are… hand finished. There is zero cheap plastic shit in our line, not even in our packaging.

We have a five-step process for the final edge that was perfected over years, and still done by hand on every unit. It’s the little things like this that make a difference. Working to build products we can be proud of, with lots of trial and error both in processes and materials along the way is what brought about the quality we have today.


We love what we do and I know we will continue to grow, to create jobs, and build the team. The recipe will stay the same: make stuff here with American labor and materials, while continuing to grow our brand at the national level. We have also begun to make goods for other companies that want products done right and made in the USA!

Thanks for helping us live our American dream!


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