Made in the USA Spotlight: Whiteknuckler Leather Balm

Made in the USA Spotlight: Whiteknuckler Leather Balm

Whiteknuckler American-made Leather Balm ensures your leather accessories last a lifetime

COLUMBUS, OHIO, USA, Date / -- Every Whiteknuckler Brand 100% American-made leather accessory is guaranteed for life against breakage. To ensure your leather items last a lifetime, the nourishing Whiteknuckler Brand leather balm is non-toxic and made in America.

Doing things right isn't easy but it's worth it! Our little company takes pride in manufacturing here in the USA and creating American jobs with good wages and benefits!”— Whiteknuckler Brand

Whiteknuckler Brand leather balm used daily helps you care for leather items that are made to last. It is specially formulated for use on traditional leather products, and can be used to protect all WK leather goods, including sheaths, belts, hats, and wallets. The Whiteknuckler Brand leather balm features high-quality ingredients that deliver natural results without toxic chemicals or strong odors. For example, lanolin and beeswax protect leather accessories from wear and tear, as they age naturally. Each balm product is made with care in the USA.

Whiteknuckler Brand’s iconic leather products feature Americana themes and American craftsmanship. Each one is made to last a lifetime and deserves the natural care and protection that Whiteknuckler Brand leather balm provides. Whiteknuckler Brand is a small, independent, and American-owned company that has seen exponential growth over the past two years, powered by shoppers who want to support local brands and create domestic jobs. Each Whiteknuckler Brand leather item is made in the USA and the Whiteknuckler Brand leather balm is too.

“Protecting your Whiteknuckler Brand 100% American-made leather accessories is important, because each item is made to last a lifetime,” said a Whiteknuckler Brand spokesperson. “With our Whiteknuckler Brand leather balm you can protect your investment and highlight its lifetime of wear. We are proud that every Whiteknuckler Brand purchase supports American jobs with high-quality benefits and competitive wages.”

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