Made in the USA Spotlight: Whiteknuckler Brand Brings Back Made-in-the-USA One Product at a Time

Made in the USA Spotlight: Whiteknuckler Brand Brings Back Made-in-the-USA One Product at a Time

Small Independent Brand Delivering on its Promise to Create American Jobs and American Products

COLUMBUS, OHIO, USA, Date / -- Whiteknuckler Brand is delivering on its promise to bring made-in-the-USA back, one high-quality product at a time. While other retailers are impacted by global supply chain disruptions, Whiteknuckler Brand continues to design American clothing and leather items that feature domestic leather and U.S. craftsmen.

Doing things right isn't easy but it's worth it! Our little company takes pride in manufacturing here in the USA and creating American jobs with good wages and benefits!”— Whiteknuckler Brand

The Whiteknuckler Brand brings iconic, Americana design in a made-in-the-US package, every time. From military-grade knives to 100% leather sheaths, belts, and wallets – Whiteknuckler Brand is pushing the envelope on U.S.-made craftsmanship and design. The company’s women’s and men’s clothing lines feature hats, belts, and wool scarves that are made to last a lifetime. Signature Whiteknuckler Brand clothing and accessories offer a timeless Americana look that exudes classic Americana design with traditional lines and high-quality leather craftsmanship.

Designed for both function and style, the Whiteknuckler Brand catalogue is made for everyone’s wardrobe and everyday use, from work to after-hours and the outdoors to black-tie events. Each leather item is designed to last a lifetime, age with style, and improve its color and fit over time. All Whiteknuckler Brand leather products are produced using environmentally conscious practices and made in the USA from the highest-quality domestic leather available.

The small, independent Whiteknuckler Brand has undergone exponential growth over the past two years, powered by its strong commitment to offering American jobs with excellent benefits and competitive wages. The company was founded on a promise to bring high-quality American products that are made in the U.S. back, and it continues to deliver.

“We are proud that every Whiteknuckler Brand purchase helps create American jobs that offer good benefits and competitive wages, and we are honored that so many customers keep coming back,” said a Whiteknuckler Brand spokesperson. “Thank you for your support of our small company that’s trying to change the way American products are made.”

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