Made in the USA Spotlight: Quality Leather Dog Leash

Made in the USA Spotlight: Quality Leather Dog Leash

Whiteknuckler American-made 100% leather dog leashes are guaranteed for life against breakage

COLUMBUS, OHIO, USA, Date / -- Every Whiteknuckler Brand Leather Dog Leash is guaranteed for life against breakage. Made in the USA from 100% high-quality domestic leather, the 2 and 4-foot dog leashes are made to last. Quality American craftsmanship and domestic materials are featured in every Whiteknuckler Brand leather accessory.

Doing things right isn't easy but it's worth it! Our little company takes pride in manufacturing here in the USA and creating American jobs with good wages and benefits!”— Whiteknuckler Brand

The Whiteknuckler Brand Leather Dog Leash is suitable for all breeds and dog sizes. The chestnut leather leash comes in two- and four-foot lengths, with a design that feels good in your hand for a walk around the block or day-long hike in the woods. The weighty accessory is a high-quality alternative to cheap nylon leashes that are imported to the U.S. from around the world. Made in the USA, each quality 100% leather accessory from Whiteknuckler Brand comes with a lifetime guarantee.

The classic Whiteknuckler Brand Leather Dog Leash is perfect for training or everyday use. It features hand-cut domestic leather, beveled edging, and quality nickel hardware. Each one is handmade in the USA from top-grain custom tanned leather, crafted with artisan quality and environmentally conscious tanning processes. Whiteknuckler Brand’s iconic leather products feature Americana themes and American craftsmanship. The small company’s exponential growth is powered by U.S. consumers who want to support local brands and help create American jobs. Each Whiteknuckler Brand accessory is made to last a lifetime and the 100% leather dog leash is no exception – let your companion put it to the test today!

“For dog owners looking for a high-quality leather accessory that is made in the USA, Whiteknuckler Brand’s leather dog leash is a handcrafted showpiece that you can use every day,” said a Whiteknuckler Brand spokesperson. “We are proud that every Whiteknuckler Brand 100% leather item purchase supports American jobs with high-quality benefits and competitive wages.”

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